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Calvin Barry- Lawyer for Victim in Break-and Enter

Fed Up Victim Offers Own Reward For Alleged Thief's Capture
2008/10/17 Staff

Police believe one man is responsible for a recent string of break ins, and now one of the alleged culprit's victims is stepping up with an offer of $5,000 to assure he's brought to justice.

The suspect was caught on tape sneaking into Harold Perry's Forest Hill home shortly before about $25,000 worth of jewellery disappeared.

"He went in through the front door and went directly upstairs, into the room. First thing he does, starts opening up drawers, taking jewellery, putting it in his pocket," Perry told CityNews.

"But the only thing valuable to me really was my grandfather's watch. He got it from working in the grain elevators up in Thunder Bay and Fort William and Port Arthur , you know, 100 years ago. So no value to anybody but to me."

Perry has offered up 5-grand in reward money for anyone who helps police make an arrest.

He thinks his home was targeted because he had some workers at the residence at the time, and he believes the suspected crook could see them going back and forth between their van and the house, and figured he could slip in without raising too much suspicion.

But what he didn't realize was that the home's front intercom and doorbell is also a security camera.

Detectives quickly identified the suspect as somebody they were already looking for. Thirty-one-year-old Jason Allen Losier is wanted for assault, threatening death, break and enter and theft.

"He has been active and at the same time we've been actively pursuing him over the last few months, and it seems that we're just a couple of steps behind," admits Det. Sgt. Dan Nealon.

"We're asking for the public to give us a call. I suggest do not approach this man. He is considered armed, so call 911. Or at the same time if you wish to remain anonymous you can always use Crime Stoppers (at (416) 222-TIPS.")

As for Perry, he admits that the watch has more sentimental value than monetary worth. But he wants his memento back - and to see justice done.

"Police said to me: Mr. Perry, the watch was only worth $500.

"I said 'not now. Now it's worth $5,000.'"