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Calvin Barry

Bisesar made her first court appearance yesterday (pictured) to be charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon

Bisesar made her first court appearance yesterday (pictured) to be charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3364883/MBA-graduate-accused-stabbing-random-woman-chest-felt-need-extreme-charged-MURDER-28-year-old-victim-dies.html#ixzz3uzZEnkV6


Rohinie Bisesar, charged with second-degree murder, to stay in custody until new year

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The woman charged over the apparently random and unprovoked fatal stabbing in Toronto’s financial district is “like a deer in the headlights,” her lawyer said after she made a brief court appearance Friday morning.

Courtesy of Karl Gutowski
Courtesy of Karl Gutowski
Rohinie Bisesar's mental health has deteriorated in the last several years, a friend says.
The charge against Rohinie Bisesar was upgraded to second-degree murder after her alleged victim died five days after the attack in a Shopper’s Drug Mart in the city’s underground PATH system.
“It’s tragic all around,” her lawyer, Calvin Barry said outside court. He expressed sympathy for the family of the 28-year-old victim, Rosemarie Junor.

If found guilty, Bisesar faces a minimum sentence of life in prison with no parole for between 10 and 25 years.

“We’ve kind of gone from a one to a 10 in terms of severity,” Barry said of the murder charge.
Sketch by Pam Davies
Sketch by Pam DaviesRohinie Bisesar handcuffed enters court with her lawyer Calvin Barry, centre, at College Park court Wednesday.

Bisesar smiled slightly as she walked into the courtroom and was led into the prisoner’s box. She was dressed in a dark green sweatsuit that hung off her petite frame. She is about 4-foot-11 and weighs about 85 pounds, her lawyer said.

Bisesar did not address the court, but whispered something to her lawyer before she was led out.
She will be held at a prison in Milton, Ont., until her next court appearance on Jan. 8. Her lawyer said it has been hard to confer with his “meek and quiet” client while she has been in custody, surrounded by other prisoners.

“Everybody’s yelling and screaming,” he said. “It’s similar to American TV.”
Aileen Donnelly / National Post
Aileen Donnelly / National Post“It’s tragic all around,” Rohinie Bisesar's lawyer, Calvin Barry, said outside court.

Barry said he’s been unable to assess his client’s mental state or whether she understands what’s going on.

But she is “very upset — she’s like a deer in the headlights,” he said.

A friend said that Bisesar had struggled with mental illness in recent years, and was hospitalized in 2014.

Although she graduated with an MBA from York University’s Schulich School of Business, she struggled to find work in the financial sector, Karl Gutowski said.

The Crown dropped all other charges against Bisesar, because, as Barry said, a charge for carrying a concealed weapon is “like a parking ticket” compared to second-degree murder.

Police allege Bisesar stabbed Junor last Friday afternoon, fatally wounding the young newlywed.
Police say the two did not know each other.
FacebookRosemarie Junor in an undated photo.

Junor, who also went by “Kim,” was described by friends, former colleagues and family as “dedicated” and “glowing.”

Her brother, Richard Junor, told CTV News that “she was a very kind, loving, caring person.”

“She was young, energetic and hardworking,” he said. “She just got married, got a house, (was) planning to have a family and we’re all sorry that she’s gone so early.”

The Junor family has set up an online fundraising account to help cover funeral costs.

With files from Richard Warnica, National Post and The Canadian Press

Accused in knife attack smiles in court

By , Toronto Sun

First posted: | Updated:
Now charged with second-degree murder, Rohinie Bisesar made another brief appearance in a downtown bail court, wearing her strange smile along with a prison-issue green sweatsuit too large for her tiny frame.

After speaking quietly to her lawyer, she was handcuffed and ushered back to jail where she will spend the holidays — leaving a raft of unanswered questions in her wake.

How does it come to this: A 40-year-old brilliant MBA graduate with so much potential accused of the random, unprovoked fatal stabbing of a young newlywed in the city’s financial underground?
An unemployed woman known to frequent the area’s coffee shops and restaurants, spending her entire day in front of her laptop or trying to network with other customers when she wasn’t staring off into space. It seems that practically everyone who crossed her path found her “off.”

Were there warning signs? Where was her estranged family? Was there something someone could have done? Should have done?

Rosemarie “Kim” Junor died Wednesday night after days on life-support. She was just 28.
“My sister fought a great battle but her vibrant life was cut short,” her brother Miguel Junor wrote on a GoFundMe site seeking $25,000 to pay for her funeral costs.

“As a newlywed, Rosemarie was at the prime of her life and starting a family with her husband, Lenny Persaud, was supposed to be their next step together, not planning her funeral. All of those dreams were tragically taken from her.”

Defence lawyer Calvin Barry describes her alleged killer as “meek and quiet ... like a deer in the headlights.” He wouldn’t comment on whether she knew her alleged victim and wouldn’t address speculation about her mental state or whether he will seek a psychiatric assessment.

“It’s happened so quickly,” he told a media scrum outside the College Park courts. “We’ve gone from a one to a ten in terms of severity. It’s very tragic, the last couple of days, (for) the family of the deceased and it’s just tragic all around.”

For widow Zilla Parker, it is all too familiar.

Her 45-year-old husband Dominic was stabbed to death in a similar unprovoked attack in 2013. The off-duty Markham firefighter was at a Danforth Ave. cafe when Nabil Huruy, 26, attacked him.

“Losing Dominic in such a brutal violent way is the most difficult and traumatic event our family and likely many of our friends have ever experienced,” she wrote on Facebook.

On Dec. 10, Huruy was found not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder. Justice Ian Nordheimer ruled the man, armed with two knives, was schizophrenic and hearing voices, unaware his actions were morally wrong. “He believed there were people, apparently on behalf of the government, who were intent on causing him harm, if not death,” the judge wrote.

So Parker’s widow was especially shaken when she learned of the shocking stabbing in the PATH system. “It sounds very similar; it’s hard to hear the same thing happening again,” she said in an interview.

But it reinforces her belief that we are not doing enough to deal with mental health issues in our society. Before stabbing Parker, Huruy had multiple interactions with police, members of the public and even a hospital, with all reporting him acting strangely.

Now she’s left wondering if her husband’s death could have been prevented.

“We need a lot more public awareness in how we deal with mental illness and how we get help earlier so we can prevent more tragedies like ours happening to other families,” she insists.

A plea that comes too late for a young newlywed. Bisesar returns to court Jan. 8.

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Suspect in downtown stabbing dressed for success but was broke and homeless

TORONTO — The Globe and Mail

Rohinie Bisesar appears in court in front of Justice W. Agnew in Toronto on Dec.16 in this artist's sketch. (Alexandra Newbould/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Friday, December 18, 2015

Rohinie Bisesar, now charged with 2nd-degree murder, 'very upset,' lawyer says

Rosemarie Junor, 28, identified as victim of random attack CBC News Posted: Dec 18, 2015 10:34 AM ET| Last Updated: Dec 18, 2015 11:25 AM ET

Rohinie Bisesar, 40, made a brief court appearance on Friday. She is now charged with second-degree murder in the death of 28-year-old Rosemarie Junor. (Pam Davies)

Rohinie Bisesar's lawyer said his client, held in custody on a second-degree murder charge, is like a "deer in the headlights" at the moment.

Bisesar, 40, is now charged with second-degree murder of 28-year-old Rosemarie Junor, who was stabbed to death inside a Shoppers Drug Mart in the downtown PATH system last week.

Dressed in a green sweater, she appeared to be be smiling slightly as she entered the courtroom for a brief appearance this morning.

The criminal charges against Bisesar were upgraded after Junor died in hospital on Wednesday night.

Rosemarie Junor, 28
Police have identified Rosemarie Junor, 28, as the victim of last Friday's stabbing. Junor died in hospital on Wednesday. (Toronto Police)
Calvin Barry, Bisesar's lawyer, called the situation "tragic all around" and admitted the upgraded charges will make it far more difficult for his client to get bail.

"We've kind of gone from a one to 10 in terms of severity," he said.

Barry said Bisesar, who is being held at a detention centre in Milton, Ont., is "very upset" right now and said he's worried that the "meek and quiet" woman is struggling to cope in jail.

Barry wouldn't comment on whether Bisesar has had a psychiatric evaluation, nor if she's fully aware of what she's accused of.

Police allege Bisesar brought a knife with her into the store and stabbed Junor, critically injuring the young woman last Friday afternoon. Junor died in hospital on Wednesday.

Police have said there's no apparent connection between Junor and the accused.
Bisesar was arrested on Tuesday.

She's set to appear in court again on Jan. 8, 2016, at Old City Hall.


Accused in PATH stabbing appears in court

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stabbing Suspect Like "Deer in Headlights"

Lawyer Calvin Barry speaks with reporters about his client's mindset following arrest in what police have described as a random stabbing.

Accused in downtown PATH system stabbing appears in court

Chris Fox, CP24.com
Published Wednesday, December 16, 2015 11:33AM EST        
A woman who is charged with attempted murder in connection with a random stabbing in a downtown drugstore has been remanded into custody until her next court appearance.
Police allege that the woman walked into a Wellington Street Shoppers Drug Mart in the downtown PATH system on Friday afternoon and randomly stabbed a female inside the store, causing her to suffer critical injuries.

Following the stabbing, police identified the suspect and appealed for information concerning her whereabouts and on Tuesday she was arrested in the city’s east end.

In her first court appearance on Wednesday, a judge ruled that the suspect remain in custody until her next court appearance on Friday.

Speaking with reporters outside the courthouse, the suspect’s lawyer said his client “seems calm” but is clearly upset with all that has happened in the last few days.

“She has been basically a deer in the headlights because it has all happened so quickly,” Calvin Barry said, noting that he was only retained late Tuesday night. “She has been very, very cooperative. That is what the police have told me.”

Barry refused to say whether his client is married or has kids but he did say that she has “quite an impressive resume” and has no prior criminal record.

According to a LinkedIn profile, the suspect has a Masters in Business Administration from York University and has worked as a financial advisor and a consultant but is currently "opportunity seeking."

“She has a lot of friends and people that are commenting that they are shocked and taken aback by this. They say this is not her demeanor or character," Barry said.

Rohinie Bisesar, 40, is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and carrying a concealed weapon.

The victim in the case has not been identified due to a publication ban, however in a statement provided to CTV news her family said that they are “devastated.”

“She was just starting out her life. We ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time,” the statement said.

Bisesar will return to court on Friday for an anticipated bail hearing.

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CPD ON TIME- Calvin Barry


CALVIN BARRY will be a presenter at the CPD ON TIME conference "Criminal Minds II".

Location: Novotel Toronto Centre

Program Title: Criminal Minds

Program Date and Time: November 30, 2015, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

* 3 Hours Professionalism Content
To sign up for this program, please contact:
Anton M. Katz

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Welcome to AllOtherSports.com


This is your home for all other sports! And by “all other sports” we mean all the other sports that you don't usually find on all-sports information websites. Check out our News Blog for all the latest stories on the great sports we DO cover, and to hear our exclusive Stormin Norman Rumack podcast, click here! The great long-time Fan 590 sports broadcaster is doing a new show thanks to his sponsors CALVIN BARRY, MILLER SHOES and MARTIN RUMACK, and we're happy to have Norm's involvement in our new website for fans of ALLOTHERSPORTS!
There are hundreds of great sports and leagues operating in North America that are virtually ignored by the main stream media. There is good reason for that – these sports are not main stream or “big” enough to grab the attention of the major sports information sites. If you are a fan of any of these sports (and hundreds of thousands of people are), the only information usually available is on that team or leagues website, and that is often not very much, or only PR spin provided by the league. 
We don’t blame the major sports sites for ignoring these sports. We thank them, because now these other sports can all have a home here. While individually these sports may be too small in terms of size or following to merit a major site of their own, collectively there are hundreds of thousands of sports fans who follow them on a regular basis – or at least try to follow them. Now those fans, in addition to following their team’s website, can get lots of fresh coverage on this site and “front page” coverage from time to time as well. 
Our site is now their home. There are a lot of sports and leagues that come under the umbrella of “allothersports” that will be featured here. And while this is their new home – it is not the home of sports that all of the major sites currently spotlight.  
For example, this is not the home for the following sports and leagues: the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, major professional tennis tournaments, and major professional golf tournaments. There are a myriad of excellent sports sites out there that cover and follow these major sports 24/7, 365. Some might suggest they cover them to death and ignore many other sports as a result (and we tend to agree). The fact is, you don’t have to look far to get all you need coverage-wise on those major leagues. 
If you really break down major sports sites, everything on the first few pages involves those major six sports mentioned earlier a vast majority of the time. If you throw in perhaps NCAA and NASCAR in the United States, and the CFL and CHL in Canada, the front pages of the top sports information sites are accounted for pretty much 100 percent of the time. 
But this site is the home for all minor baseball, hockey, basketball, football, tennis and golf teams and leagues (even if we hate the word minor - and we do!); it’s the home of soccer, rugby, lacrosse, X-Games, bowling, darts, poker, wrestling, auto racing, boxing, cricket and much more.  
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To these passionate sports fans and to these passionate sports teams and leagues, welcome to allothersports.com.  
Welcome to your new home. 

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Calvin Barry on CTV News


Former Crown Prosecutor Calvin Barry says conservative leader Stephen Harper will likely testify when the Mike Duffy trial resumes.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Calvin Barry Criminal Lawyers

Calvin Barry Criminal Lawyers
113 Front Street East
Toronto, ON  M5A 4S5

Tel: 416-364-1224
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Calvin Barry

Naveen Polapady
Saving the Spiceman
Naveen Polapady

Most cases that run through our Community Mediation service help participants avoid the court system. But once in a while, the mediation occurs after guilt has been decided in the court. The Spiceman case was one.

Nicknamed ‘The Spiceman’ in the media, restaurateur Naveen Polapady was sentenced for assaulting, and throwing spices at, Manuel Belo, who he believed was a thief. Before the sentencing, they participated in a specially-designed mediation program, as referred by Ontario Court Justice Peter Harris. The emotional and legal benefits were clear: Naveen better understood his actions and their consequences, and received a lighter sentence; and Manuel had the chance to express the harm done to him and gain closure. Benefits were evident for the courts as well. Judge Harris had more information to aid him in sentencing, while the justice system itself saves valuable time and money by referring cases for mediation.

Judge Harris was happy with the result. “It was a very successful outcome for both the victim and offender. I hope to see St. Stephen’s play a larger role in community-based dispute resolution.”

Read more stories
See more at: http://www.sschto.ca/About-Us/Success-Stories/Naveen-Polapady#sthash.fLga9uHh.dpuf


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Toronto woman charged in massive immigration fraud investigation

 Police allege Imelda “Mel” Fronda Saluma, 46, was behind a massive scam that bilked more than $2.3 million from 600 prospective Filipino immigrants.

Agnes Aquino is one of hundreds of alleged victims of an immigration fraud that targeted people from several countries with hopes of working in Canada.

Cole Burston   
Agnes Aquino is one of hundreds of alleged victims of an immigration fraud that targeted people from several countries with hopes of working in Canada.
By: Immigration reporter, Staff Reporter, Staff Reporter, Published on Tue May 05 2015
Imelda Saluma faces 73 charges in relation to an alleged immigration fraud.

They came from all around the world and shared the same dream: securing a job in Canada, becoming a permanent resident and ultimately reuniting with their families.
The $5,000 price tag was hefty: $1,500 for the job match, $2,000 for an employment contract and a positive government labour market opinion, and a final installment of $1,500 when the work visa was issued.
Word of mouth in the close-knit Filipino community guided people to Imelda “Mel” Fronda Saluma, who was trusted because she was Filipino like them.
Police allege hundreds were then stranded around the world without papers or money. Others were rejected by Immigration Canada and prohibited from reapplying for two years.
On Tuesday, Toronto police accused Saluma, 46, of being behind a massive scam that bilked more than $2.3 million from 600 prospective Filipino immigrants.
The mother of four was charged in February and had more fraud-related offences added last week. She now faces 73 charges involving allegedly selling forged employment documents to foreigners so they could apply to come to Canada as temporary foreign workers.
Police say the ongoing investigation still hasn’t uncovered the full extent of the alleged racket.
Saluma was ordered to remain in jail Tuesday. Her lawyer declined comment to the Star.
Saluma ran GoWest Jobs International on Finch Ave. W., just east of Keele St. with a sole staffer: Rose Fabe Walters, a.k.a. Rosemarie Walters. According to one victim’s allegations, clients were convinced of GoWest’s legitimacy by the happy smiles they saw on Facebook of Filipino workers the agency claimed to have brought to Canada in 2012 to pick green peppers on a Cambridge farm.
Agnes Aquino said she is out $24,500, money she claimed she paid Saluma and Walters to bring her brother and other relatives to Canada in August 2012.
“Even though we always had to pay in cash, we didn’t suspect anything. We all came from the Philippines. We had this blind faith and trusted they also wanted to help others to come here,” said Aquino, who came to Canada in 2001 as a live-in caregiver.
“I was trying to help my relatives. They remitted me the money and I paid Rose (Walters). My relatives are angry at me and blame it on me. I don’t trust anyone anymore, even when I really want to help.”
Angry clients flocked to an online forum where recruiters who had never met each other began to realize the sheer size of the alleged scam. Aquino says she and nine other agents took their client lists and paperwork to Toronto Police last October.
The current GoWest investigation goes back only to July 1, 2012. Police believe Saluma may have been operating under a different corporate name before that date, but haven’t received any complaints from that time period.
People living in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and the United Kingdom were all allegedly drawn in, said Det. Erwin Mendoza. Some were already living in Canada and were allegedly promised visa extensions or permanent residency.
Mendoza said he didn’t know of anyone who was successfully issued a visa using the documents.
But Rose Grey, a singer from Windsor who says she recruited clients for Saluma from her home province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines, says four of the approximately 100 people she assisted have actually made it into Canada.
Grey alleges Saluma provided her with documents promising immigrants jobs at McDonald’s, Holiday Inn, Pizza Hut and Tim Hortons, and paid her a $150 commission per person.
“She convinced me and I convinced my people,” she said.
Grey, who complained to police and has not been charged, says she never saw any original documents, only passed along photocopies or scanned attachments by email.
“She would have an LMO (labour market opinion) for 50 people and then sell it to 300 or 500 people,” she alleged. “When we were all in the (police) precinct, we all had the same documents.”

Police allege Saluma was also involved in a separate cheque fraud.
“She would ask people for a favour to cash a cheque,” Det. Mendoza alleged. “A couple of days later, it would come back as NSF, closed account or fraudulent.”
There seems to have been some overlap between the two scams, he said. “Some recruiters were duped into the cheque cashing scheme and lost $3,000–$6,000. Others had nothing to do with it,” Mendoza alleged. Halton Region police have also laid charges involving cheque cashing.
According to a tenant at the Finch Ave. W. building where GoWest operated, the company moved there from a different location in Burlington in 2013 and closed down in early 2014.
“I’m a victim, too,” said the neighbour, who says she referred more than 20 relatives and friends to GoWest. “They paid me to pay her for the applications. They all think I’m the bad guy. I gave their money back out of my own pocket because it’d hurt my reputation. I’m still out $32,000.”
Grey says she has paid tens of thousands of dollars out of her own pocket back to Saluma’s alleged victims, but she can’t reimburse everyone.
“I feel awful,” she said. “The people back home are so mad at me. I didn’t own the company, but I’m the face they know.”
Rosemarie Walters, 55, has been charged with possession of stolen property over $5,000. Her lawyer declined to comment for the story.

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Woman who gave butt injections with caulking gun 'remorseful,' lawyer says

Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press
Published Friday, February 27, 2015 7:51AM EST
Last Updated Friday, February 27, 2015 5:12PM EST 
TORONTO -- A woman who injected industrial silicone oil into the buttocks of women as an illegal cosmetic procedure preyed on the vulnerable for profit and deserves a stiff prison term, the prosecution said Friday.

In calling for a 10-to-12 year sentence, Crown lawyer Allison MacPherson described Marilyn Reid as a predator who was in the "business of poisoning people."

"She preyed on the lambs like a wolf -- this was a money making operation and she made a lot of money," MacPherson said.
Marilyn Reid, botched injections

"She wounded them, she maimed them, she endangered their lives and she continues to endanger their lives."

Reid, 50, of Newmarket, Ont., pleaded guilty to eight counts of aggravated assault last month.
Reid used syringes attached to a caulking gun to inject silicone that dated in at least one case from the 1990s into women's buttocks in unsterile hotel rooms or at their homes between April 2011 and May 2012. She promised one woman a "nice plump butt."

All but one victim suffered serious health consequences -- four almost fatal. Some had to undergo repeated medical procedures and long periods in hospital in a case that initially had doctors stymied.
"She assured them that everything was going to be OK, (that) she knew what she was doing," MacPherson said. "She was harming people to make money."

Defence lawyer Calvin Barry called for a sentence of about 2 1/2 years -- roughly equal to the time she has already spent in custody.

In his submissions, Barry played up the fact that Reid had no prior record and that her guilty plea obviated the need for an expensive trial that would have retraumatized the victims.

Reid, who came to Canada from the U.K. in 2008 and will face deportation, had led a troubled life and was in an abusive relationship, Barry said. The money she made was going to the abusive partner and the victims must bear some responsibility for what happened, he said.

At the same time, he noted she had done a three-year nursing program in U.K. and had worked in reputable clinics abroad.

"In her mind, she wasn't going to hurt anyone. She wanted to make people happy," Barry said.
"Time served is more than adequate. She's broken. Her life is ruined."

Reid briefly addressed the court to apologize, saying she didn't realize the consequences of what she was doing.

"I never meant to harm anyone," she said. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

Barry called the case unique, saying he had difficulty finding anything similar in Canadian case law, but called the punishment the Crown wanted excessive.

Both prosecution and defence agreed Reid's time served behind bars -- at a rate of 1.5 times -- should be deducted from her ultimate sentence.

Superior Court Justice Jane Kelly said she would pass sentence March 26.

Toronto police Sgt. Louise Farrugia said the case should serve as a caution. She also said there may be other victims, and urged them to contact police.