Thursday, November 26, 2015

CPD ON TIME- Calvin Barry


CALVIN BARRY will be a presenter at the CPD ON TIME conference "Criminal Minds II".

Location: Novotel Toronto Centre

Program Title: Criminal Minds

Program Date and Time: November 30, 2015, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

* 3 Hours Professionalism Content
To sign up for this program, please contact:
Anton M. Katz

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Welcome to
This is your home for all other sports! And by “all other sports” we mean all the other sports that you don't usually find on all-sports information websites. Check out our News Blog for all the latest stories on the great sports we DO cover, and to hear our exclusive Stormin Norman Rumack podcast, click here! The great long-time Fan 590 sports broadcaster is doing a new show thanks to his sponsors CALVIN BARRY, MILLER SHOES and MARTIN RUMACK, and we're happy to have Norm's involvement in our new website for fans of ALLOTHERSPORTS!
There are hundreds of great sports and leagues operating in North America that are virtually ignored by the main stream media. There is good reason for that – these sports are not main stream or “big” enough to grab the attention of the major sports information sites. If you are a fan of any of these sports (and hundreds of thousands of people are), the only information usually available is on that team or leagues website, and that is often not very much, or only PR spin provided by the league. 
We don’t blame the major sports sites for ignoring these sports. We thank them, because now these other sports can all have a home here. While individually these sports may be too small in terms of size or following to merit a major site of their own, collectively there are hundreds of thousands of sports fans who follow them on a regular basis – or at least try to follow them. Now those fans, in addition to following their team’s website, can get lots of fresh coverage on this site and “front page” coverage from time to time as well. 
Our site is now their home. There are a lot of sports and leagues that come under the umbrella of “allothersports” that will be featured here. And while this is their new home – it is not the home of sports that all of the major sites currently spotlight.  
For example, this is not the home for the following sports and leagues: the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, major professional tennis tournaments, and major professional golf tournaments. There are a myriad of excellent sports sites out there that cover and follow these major sports 24/7, 365. Some might suggest they cover them to death and ignore many other sports as a result (and we tend to agree). The fact is, you don’t have to look far to get all you need coverage-wise on those major leagues. 
If you really break down major sports sites, everything on the first few pages involves those major six sports mentioned earlier a vast majority of the time. If you throw in perhaps NCAA and NASCAR in the United States, and the CFL and CHL in Canada, the front pages of the top sports information sites are accounted for pretty much 100 percent of the time. 
But this site is the home for all minor baseball, hockey, basketball, football, tennis and golf teams and leagues (even if we hate the word minor - and we do!); it’s the home of soccer, rugby, lacrosse, X-Games, bowling, darts, poker, wrestling, auto racing, boxing, cricket and much more.  
Our content comes from our army of young and aspiring writers who eat and breathe these sports and leagues, and from the leagues and teams themselves. While our editorial content is independent of them, they are in many ways our partners as well. They are looking for exposure and not just in the token “MORE SPORTS” section of the major sites either. At, these sports take center stage. 
Sports fans are passionate. And they are passionate about more than just the major sports that they are inundated with on other sports information sites. They want more reporting and coverage on these other sports and they want it on a site where they can see lots of these sports together. 
These “other” sports teams and leagues are also passionate about what they do, and they also want more reporting and coverage on their sports on a site in addition to what they already provide on their own sites. Many of them due to budget and other reasons have poorly maintained sites that don’t provide a great deal of content, and little of it independent coverage. 
To these passionate sports fans and to these passionate sports teams and leagues, welcome to  
Welcome to your new home.