Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Serious charge against Spiceman dropped

Naveen Palapody was charged after he threw spice in a man's face. (Toronto Sun files)

By Jenny Yuen ,Toronto Sun
First posted: Friday, May 18, 2012 06:33 PM EDT

The spice has been taken out of the notorious “Spiceman” case.

The most serious charge against Naveen Polapady – administering a noxious substance – was dropped Friday.

The popular Annex area restaurateur gained the Spiceman nickname after allegedly tossing his chicken Masala spice mix in the face of a would-be thief last summer behind his restaurant.

Polapady’s lawyer Calvin Barry says the noxious substance charge falls under old law and would have upped this case to a jury trial with a likely two-year sentence. Now his client only faces assault charges from using a broomstick during the incident.

“It’s been paired down to reflect really what it is,” Barry said Friday. “I know Mr. Polapady is taking the position – and I say, rightfully so – that he was defending his property and family but we’ll have to let that play out in court at the appropriate time.”

Barry will meet with the crown and the judge on June 13 at Old City Hall court behind closed doors to settle the matter or set a trial date. If a trial goes ahead, he wagers it will take place in the late fall.

Jason Mitchell, 40, of no fixed addressed was arrested last month for allegedly breaking into a parked car at the rear of 630 St. W. – the location of Polapady’s Maroli Indian Kerala Restaurant – and stealing electronic equipment from the vehicle.

Mitchell, however, is not the same would-be thief who got the plume of Indian spice in the face on Aug. 21, Toronto Police said.

Local businesses in the area have helping the Polapady family set up a legal fund, Barry noted.

“You have a recent immigrant to Canada trying to do all the right things,” he said.

“Some of the businesses in the neighbourhood who have also been traumatized by vandalism and problems with people committing crimes on their property… are trying to band together and help the gentleman.”

Business at Maroli has increased since the high-profile story hit the media, Barry said.

“He probably got a bit of a spike because he got support from the federal politicians, in the prime minister’s office and Adrienne Clarkson, the former governor-general,” he said.

“But in fairness to the trial process, (the evidence) will unravel when and if there is a trial.”

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Calvin Barry Defends Naveen Polapady, Spice Man

Michael Coren & Calvin Barry Discuss Canada's Newest Super Hero "Spiceman"

Michael Coren & Calvin Barry Discuss Canada's Newest Super Hero "Spiceman"

Michael Coren & Calvin Barry Discuss Canada's Newest Super Hero "Spiceman"

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Calvin Barry Defends Leafs Captain Rick Vaive

April 12, 2012

Calvin Barry is the lawyer for former Maple Leafs captain Rick Vaive and he spoke to the media after his client was found not guilty of impaired driving.

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