Monday, May 14, 2018

What You Have to Know About Impaired Driving Charges in Canada

Having an impaired driving charge in Canada is a serious matter that can be mitigated if acted upon quickly. In this article, we’ll tackle what details you have to know about having an over 80 charge against yourself and how having a DUI lawyer as soon as possible can help you out.

Drinking and Driving in Canada

Drinking and driving in Canada will result to an impaired driving or an over 80 charge if caught by authorities. Basically, this means that you’re charged because you’ve been found to have an over 80 alcohol level in your blood and was driving when you shouldn’t have.

At the point of having an active DUI charge, you’ve probably already:
  •         Had a few hours spent in police custody
  •         Have a 90-day license suspension
  •         Paid fees for towing and impounding if your vehicle
  •         Have no vehicle because it is currently impounded for a week
  •        Experienced a lot of mixed emotions and is most likely feeling upset about the whole situation

And on top of the above, you have no idea what to do and how to deal with the criminal process plus your upcoming court appearance.

The fact is that thousands of Canadians face charges of impaired driving every year. An impaired driving charge is the most common criminal offence in Canada. Although it is embarrassing to be charged, it is not the end of the world.

DUI Charge in Canada – What You Have to Do

Drinking and driving in Canada is a very serious criminal offence despite how common it is. To ensure that you’ll achieve the best outcome for your case, you have to understand that there are certain technicalities regarding timelines that have to be observed (especially in Ontario).

In view of the above, seeking legal counsel for impaired driving as soon as possible is for your best interest. A DUI lawyer will know what information is relevant for you and what course of action is the most important one to take.

DUI Charge in Canada – What You Should Not Do

If you don’t have a DUI lawyer yet but have been charged with an over 80, know that pleading guilty is not going to help you a lot (even for a first offence). There are instances wherein pleading guilty may work in your favour but generally speaking, simply entering an early plea is not a guarantee of having a more favourable outcome. More so, a guilty plea means having a criminal record that can severely affect your ability to travel, buy property, get a loan, and seek employment.

Remember, the outcome of your DUI charge rests on many factors that are inter-dependent and are time-sensitive. No two cases of a DUI charge are exactly alike and thus, outcomes vary as well. It is best to seek legal counsel from a DUI lawyer before doing anything that can make life a lot more difficult for yourself.

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