Monday, June 4, 2018

2 Charges Dropped Against Calvin Barry's Client Mike Bullard

Calvin Barry's client Mike Bullard saw 2 charges against him dropped last week. Mr. Bullard is no longer facing the obstruction of justice and criminal harassment charges. 

Mr Bullard's lawyer, Calvin Barry was quoted as saying "it was very rare and I was quite surprised. Those were the two, by far, the most serious charges". My Barry also feels confident that the remaining charges will not lead to conviction. He stated "we're very close to resolving things". "It's not in the public interest to go ahead". 

Calvin Barry also said that Bullard has not had any contact with Mulligan for over two years and that his client would "gladly agree to a peace bond so both parties can move on." "This should properly resolve itself."

Read the Toronto Star article here.