Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Charged With Public Mischief in Canada? Here's What You Need to Know.

Do you know that a charge of Public Mischief in Canada is tried as a criminal offence that is punishable by up to 5 years of jail-time? Circumstances and the defence strategy will dictate the severity of the resulting sentence so you better be sure that you equip yourself with what you legally need if charged with Public Mischief.

First, What is Public Mischief?

In Canada, Public Mischief is committed when a person falsely reports another for any reason. Even in instances where the officer do not believe the false reports, simply trying to mislead the authorities can still lead to a charge of Attempted Public Mischief.

  • You committed Public Mischief if you’ve ever:
  • Made a false statement to accuse someone of an offence
  • Tried to accuse someone to divert attention from yourself
  • Did something to intentionally cause people to suspect somebody of committing an act that they didn’t do
  • Falsely reporting the death of a person who is still living

Why Is Public Mischief A Crime?

The offence of Public Mischief is categorized as a crime to discourage people from filing false reports with the intent to mislead police officers and/or other people. Public Mischief is actually more serious than it initially looks because a false accusation can destroy lives and usurp limited police resources.

How to Get Acquitted from a Public Mischief Charge?

In order to be convicted, the Crown has to prove that the accused filed a false report, that the report is truly fraudulent, that the police responded to the false report, and that the false report caused the police to waste their time pursuing the false report. Because of these requirements, a good defence can help someone get acquitted or get a lesser charge.

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